Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Music Farm and First Confession

The boys did Music Farm this year. Music Farm is when we go to moms house with  a whole bunch of kids and they learn songs and then after a few weeks we had a party. With pony rides and chickens and the whole shebang.

Keira got on and rode Tinkerbell the pony and then begged me to take her again. Of course the second time she cried and cried and was scared to death till I took her off. But that has not stopped her from asking for more pony rides every day.
Michael also had a blast riding the pony and the lady even jogged so they got into a trot.
Here are the kids in between some of songs. Yes that's Michael singing his heart out! 
Jimmy did not get to are end the party and potluck because he was becoming kid and went to his First Confession. Ahh this made me cry more then the first day of school.

And yes that is Michael riding with no training wheels!! Way to go Mike!!

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