Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Keira

Keira had her second birthday on Friday. Now  she is a big two year old! We had cake and presents. The boys made her fruit loop necklaces and cards. But I think her favorite one was another Cinderella dress. And yes it is cute!
She was a little overwhelmed with all the attention. 
 Opening presents 
And of course we had to start the days of right with a waffle cake...
Over wall it was a fun day!!
And Keira and Kailey went to the doctor for their check ups. Keira is deathly afraid of the doctors. And has to sit in my lap as she cries the whole time. It all started last year when she had to get some blood tests done. And ever since she has cried. She did not even get any shots! 
Keira weighed 26 lbs (42%) and is 34 inches (64%).
Kailey is still spitting up although the throwing up has gotten better. But it is not effecting her growth. She weighs 13 lbs (81%) and is 23 inches (66%) and of course the head is in the 90%.
She loves to smile

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