Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eyes, Hiedi, and others

The many eyes if the O'Brien clan. Jim says that his and my eyes look old!! It's crazy to think of our age and how old we will be in 10 years. Me... Almost 30 now and in 10 years as Jimmy is 17 almost 18 I will be 40, it's amazing.

Jimmy says hands up. This photo is most because I never seem to have any of him anymore.

So Jim thinks Keira should have been named Hiedi after Sherliy Temple's movie. What do you think??
And little Kailey who turned 2 months and is not so little! 

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Taylor O'Brien said...

I think Kailey and Annie kind of have some resemblances....maybe it's the cheeks they definitely don't lack those! ;) also Keira is such a doll, I have serious hair envy!