Monday, August 25, 2014

I guess it has been a long time

I know I have been absent from blogging for quite awhile.  Maybe even the longest ever, which is saying something!! Well with Summer coming to end we have had a many adventures.  Here some photos of vacations, Wild Animal Park and Sea World visits, fishing trips, and more.

We went up to Mammoth for a vacation and got to see somethings that I had no idea where even there!
My grandpa, Ken built a cabin up there years and years ago, it fun to have my kids stay in the same place I did at their ages. Jim and Jimmy got do some fly fishing on the Owens River. It was really something. We went on a hike to Parker lake 4 miles round trip! and the kids did great! Michael walked the whole way never once even complaining. I needed more rest then he did, especially on the way up. 

We have sorta started a new pier fishing trip.  We go to Crystal pier and Jim and Jimmy go down the pier to start fishing while Mike, Keira and I  go and get Kono's for breakfast.  It is awesome!! although the boys wish they would have got shark by now, I am just happy to have yummy food and reel in a few mackerels.  As they say we have had a few Mack attacks.
 We have a year pass to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, one pass gets you into both places. I loved going when I was kid, and I think the kids enjoy it too. The Wild Animal Park has a new tiger exhibit which is a great way to see them.

 For Jimmy's Birthday we went to Sea World.  The kids all loved it. We saw Shamu and Jimmy can now tell you how long a killer whale can hold its breath under water and how far it can dive.  Very educational!!!