Sunday, April 27, 2014

I know it has been forever!!

Sorry sorry sorry!!!
I know it has been FOREVER!!! But as they say "Good things come to those who wait." Well we have been busy busy busy!! we have moved again, this time I am back in my home town San Diego! We have been having so much fun with so many things.
What van you do in San Diego in March?? Well go to the beach!!!

And in big news on the O'Brien said, there is a new sister-in-law! Welcome to the family Taylor, aka Ta-Ta.


 Big news in our family Keira is now One!!!!
The boys have been having a fun time with there cusions in San Diego. They love playing with Ellery and Lexi and are always asking if they can go see them.
And of course we have been doing a lot of fishing.  Of course I am never around they catch any of them so i do not have any cool photos of fish! I know a bummer but they have been catching a ton!!