Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Sorry I have not posted in a long time!!!
But don't worry because I come with tons and tons of photos!!!
Fist we have our last snow day, not to confused with the one we are going to get today

Now I did a collage of all the kids. I love collages I think they are so fun and it is much fast/easier to upload one collage then all the photos. And lets face it, the big reason you all look is to see photos of the kids!!!

Here is Keira.. 9 mos, she crawls, pulls herself up on everything, standing by herself and walking around the tables while holding on. She is 19 lbs 3oz (68%) and in the 62% in heights and her head is only at 95%. (still on the charts compared to the boys who were and still are off the charts)

Now Michael who is 3 1/2, and is growing fast.  He writes his name, (sometimes with too many m's or e's). Is really good at playing by himself.  Loves Keira, sometimes we find him in the car holding her hand and singing to her).  Is really good at drawing and making "castles/boats/forts" with blocks!

Last but not least, Jimmy.  Who is now 6 and in Kindergarten.  He is a so smart! Loves math, he is doing multiplication, graphing, division, algebra, and so much more! He reads really well, and is always asking questions about everything! He loves his brother and sister and is often carrying Keira around and is becoming such a  huge help.  You can count on Jimmy to always help.  He still loves playing baseball, football, and riding his bike. And can not wait till Michael grows up a little more so he can really play sports with him.