Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter To All Our Family and Friends!
Here are some pictures of our fun filled Easter weekend.
Let us start with our fishing trip on our new boat!! It was still a little cold out so it was really hard. But that did not stop us, Jimmy P got the first bite of the day and almost had it in the boat. Jim can not wait till they are in their first tournament. 

Mike had a blast planing inside the boat with wheel and all the other buttons that he was not suppose to be touching.

But never fear my fishermen caught a big one!!!

There they are the fishermen who have never meant a fish that they couldn't catch!!!

Once we got home we decide to play a game of ball. It was so much fun and good practice for Jimmy who has T-Ball starting soon!

Mow for Easter morning. My boys where up early as always, and they had fun seeing all the candy and toys the Easter bunny had brought them.

And then came the HUNT, before church.  They found all 33 eggs in record time. I guess the Bunny needs to do better job next time

Here is Mike earlier in the week when we where cleaning out the chicken coop

This is Jimmy's self portrait. He is getting good!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh Yea Pin it

So now that I am on Pintrest, (I know it took me long enough) we have found some super fun things for the kids and us to do.
This a bubble thing we made out of an empty water bottle, a dish towel, and some soap!
It was so cool.  The kids played with it at least 30 mins. and that is saying something when it is freezing outside. This will be a summer must!

Of course we also have Mikey who always seems to find a good place to sleep!

And this is a painting that Jim made for the baby's room well at least that is how it started. It came out so good we might not put it in the baby's room. :) What an artist I married