Thursday, November 14, 2013

Birthdays, fall days and fun days

Mike and Keira are the best of friends. Michael always calls her "my Keira" except when she has a dirty diaper, then he repeatedly will say she's "your Keira Mom not mine"
But he sure is a good big brother.
I guess you might wonder how/what she is up to now, well she sits up (see below), she is lunging on her tummy, crawling backwards (darn those wood floors). It is now time to baby proof more. She is also eating like a horse, she has baby food, the baby puffs, some bread, but she does not seem to like applesauce.. crazy I know. 
The other day the boys decide to rake a pile leaves so they could jump in them. They did this all by themselves.  Jimmy maned the rake while Michael took a bucket and filled it up then added it to the pile.  Needless to say there is still a TON more leaves on the floor

 So it is official Jim in now 30 years old!!! Of course if you ask him he says he is only as odd as I am... 28.  But we had his birthday with pumpkin cupcakes and of course a happy birthday banner written by Jimmy and colored by both Jimmy and Michael.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today's Fish

Today's Fishing and of course some Keira pics too!!!

Lost of photos!! Halloween, Fishing

My Mom and sister came for a visit last month and I am just now getting to pictures!!! So sad I know!!
Ellery and mike where so cute together!!! I loved it!!!
 Mike was a big helper when Lexi would fall down!!!
 My mom and Jimmy as they decorated for Halloween....
 And of course some fishing pics... the latest catch???  Catfish!!!
 Ellery Mike and Lexi right before the Jumped down!!!
 More Catfish!!

 Here are some pictures of Pumpkin carving!!!
 Here are the Halloween costumes!! Black Ninja and a cowboy!!!
 And of course it has been great time to fish lately some stripier and some catfish!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Its been a long time

I know I know I am no good at this any more.  When it was just Jimmy I posted all the time, then after Mike it got worse and then came Keira, and now I never post.  Ahhh so sorry to the HUGE amount of people who look on the blog for updates.!! :) Well to all my lovely followers.. here are some pictures of the kids


Monday, September 2, 2013

Fish stare down

Jim took the boys down to the dock to catch some fish the other day.  First they stopped off in garden and compost pile to dig up some worms.  Then they took a ride to the dock at Tuckers.  The had so much fun catching fish.  The Fished for about an hour and half. When they got home they were so excited that Mikey caught the big fish of course if you ask Mikey his fish was so "huge" and "awesome".  Of course then when we got home they had the fish stare down.. I think Mikey and Jimmy both out stared the fish!!! We also made a stand for the Kindle, it works really well. It is sure great to have a husband who is so handy!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Loads of photos

So much has happened since the last time I posted.   Here are some of the highlights:
Keira is now 4 months old and is getting big. She weighs 15lbs and 6 oz. I believe it is in the 75%. I forget her height but i think it was in the 50%.  She can almost sit up now and is sleeping very very well... she slept through the night again last night.  We have also started her on food, so she is eating a little bit of rice cereal and so for I think bananas are her favorite.
Next we have had Uncle Tim here for awhile for a nice visit.  I think the boys wore him out.  Everyday Jimmy and Mike made sure they got it some play fighting in along with some baseball and other types of playing.  Tim tried to teach the boys the concept of peace.  But for Mike it only lasted a few moments before war broke out again.
Jimmy has turned 6!!! I can not believe that he is that old already!! not more then 2 days after his birthday did he start school.  Yes that is right the oldest in both families has officially started Kindergarten.  That means it was my first child to start and the first grandchild, great grandchild, and nephew to start.  For me it was bittersweet with maybe a few tears.  Mikey is at a lost without his brother and wants to know if he gets to go school with Jimmy everyday.  Then Jimmy explains calmly that Mike can not go until he is five years old.  
But over all Jimmy is doing great in school and is having a fun time. He does come home everyday though and tell me that he did not do any learning that day.  I think they may have done such a good job with making learning to look like play.  Or at least that is what I hope!!!
Oh and we lost a tree to a lighting strike... I thought a bomb went off!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun times

Lauren has cam out with her kids to visit. One of the days we went to St Mary's City with Lauren's friend Katie. The kids had blast learning to play games from the 1600's.. amazingly just abou thte same as horse shoes...

 Joe wants the play too!!
 Mikey siting on the "Dove", but if you asked him it was a pirate ship!

 Keira has been so good lately. All I can say is that I love this little girl and all her smiles