Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas List

This is the Christmas List
Please follow directions to find out who you have:
Convert the first 2 letters of your initials into numbers corresponding to the position in the alphabet. For example, A = 1, B = 2, etc. Then subtract the second from the first. If you are mom, add 1 to the final number. If you are Kathy, your middle initial is "P" regardless of the truth of the matter. Sure, you can figure everyones out, but at least it's not obvious. Find your number below...
-6 has Dad
3 has Mom
-3 has Shmeven
4 has Kathy
-10 has Shmo
-5 has Lauren
10 has Jim
7 has Jessi
-1 has Jimmy P.
8 has Timmy
-8 has Bonnie
-2 has Tommy
Please also consider the youngens...
Mega Joey
Tiny Little Stevie Francis
Merry Christmas!

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