Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hens, tutles, fish and Horse

So a lot has happened since the last post, we have been busy!!
We bought 5 more laying hens, but they never laid and then they killed one of my baby guineas so we said good bye to the hens.  And now we are back to 14 guineas, who are so happy to have the huge coup to themselves!!
We also bought a HORSE!!! She is a quarter horse and her name is Cami.  She has been here for about 2 weeks now and is doing really well. I think she likes it here and likes us.  They boys love playing with her.  Mikey say bye to her every time we leave and drive by her on our way down the drive way.  So cute! :)
We also have been going down to "Tuckers", one of our neighbors, so their pier to go fishing.  Okay honestly we have only been down there about 3 times but we always are catching something!!!
Mikey with his fish that he caught all by himself!!

The chicken coup

The Hens that we no longer have

Jimmy and Jim fishing at down at Tuckers

This is the turtle that found its way into our backyard

Here she is!! Cami!!

Down at Tuckers with our neighbors kids the Folwers