Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playing around and Chicks

So first of all I just noticed something so sad. This is only my 6th post this WHOLE YEAR!!! Wow that is so sad.  I promise to get better and to update this much more.  With that said, things are finaly calming down. 
We have some of the coolest neioghbors ever! Behind us we have a family with six kids, and there youngest Trey is a year older then Jimmy.  Needless to say Jimmy spends about everyday playing with them.  Some of the older ones come around to check out Jim's hunting and fishing things.  It is really cool to live somewhere that we have kids who live next to us that are up to play all the time. 
Also last week went to the livestock auction.  And there we bought 15 guinea keets!!! Now we have a some cute little chickens.
Here are some pictures of us enjoying our new house!!! 

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momma said...

Love these pictures... Boys are growing so fast..
Love you!!