Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playing around and Chicks

So first of all I just noticed something so sad. This is only my 6th post this WHOLE YEAR!!! Wow that is so sad.  I promise to get better and to update this much more.  With that said, things are finaly calming down. 
We have some of the coolest neioghbors ever! Behind us we have a family with six kids, and there youngest Trey is a year older then Jimmy.  Needless to say Jimmy spends about everyday playing with them.  Some of the older ones come around to check out Jim's hunting and fishing things.  It is really cool to live somewhere that we have kids who live next to us that are up to play all the time. 
Also last week went to the livestock auction.  And there we bought 15 guinea keets!!! Now we have a some cute little chickens.
Here are some pictures of us enjoying our new house!!! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well after that long and said post I want to so you all somethings you have been missing on. First I have 2 new nephews and one new niece.  Tara, my sister had a little girl named Lexi Rose, Kathy my sister in-law had a little boy named Steve and Lauren my sister in-law had a little boy named Joesph.  I love babies!!!
Also here are more pictures of us in the pool and of the house.

And We are Back!!

So we are here in Maryland in our new house!!! It is a great house and the area is so beautiful!! I absolutely love waking up to the view and house

But no for the stressful crazy part that is making our dream house a nightmare!
First off the lovey cat pee smell!!! After we put our offer in and it was accepted we found out the owners had cats. Yes that is not just one cat but about 4 that lived inside!!! Wahoo!!! After about the third day the smell came out and it came out hard.  First we tried the powders that you sprinkle on then vacuum up that smelled good for about 1 day.  After that we knew we had to do more. So we went and got a black light and about 10 bottles of the cat pee spot destroyer with enzymes. And we went to town.  We waited for night time and turned the light on.  On our hands and knees we found hundreds of spots throughout the house. It was so gross!!!! And took two nights of staying up to past Midnight to get it all done! Then we bought a Bissle Pet Carpet cleaner and got the urine destroyer shampoo and spent the next two full days cleaning the carpets.  It was hard work and very depressing.  only to find out half way through that we have a HUGE mold problem!!!
When the inspection report came back before we signed for the house they said there was mold in the crawlspace.  We asked for it to be remediated.  They sellers agreed and got it done with letters to prove it. And had the home inspector come back out for a re-inspect and paid her $150 and she said it looked great.  But then we noticed the fridge not working and then Jim pulled the fridge out we found a leak at the valve of the water to the fridge.  We had mold there on the valve, in the wall, and water damage in the cabinets, and on the floor.  We called a plumber out the stop and fix the leak and then we cut the wall out and got all that mold there cleaned up.  That takes us to last night when Jim went down into the crawl space to look to see if the leak had gone down into the crawl space.  And sure enough not only is there water down there but there is also MOLD!  So after all that we still have mold in our crawl space.  Now on to the blame game were each of the 3 different companies that where involved in the clean up and inspection are blaming each other.  Got to love it.
So here we are in our dream home with so much to do and worry us that we are to busy and stressed to enjoy it.  But on the bright side we have decided that our carpets are now the cleanest things around and that we are not going to rip them out.  At least not yet.  Oh and we pulled up the carpet runner on the stairs to find mold under it also. How can some people not notice these thing is beyond me!