Sunday, March 25, 2012

So Sad and some photos

Okay first and for most.  As you can see we have lost our pictures on the blog. :( We had to get a new email address and when we were switching all the info, we did not click a hidden box that also would switch our blog pictures to the new account.  So we have  not more pictures unless I got and re-post all of them.  :( Not sure what I am going to do. 
But what I will do is to put up more pictures!!! So here are some pictures of the things we have been doing of late!!!

Fish that Jimmy P caught at the Sparks Marina!

Yes that is right we got out the Lego's!!!

No time to smile at the camera I need to play

I can't hear you!!!!

SHHH it is quite time!!!

Do little dance

1 comment:

momma said...

Darn BIG fish Jimmy P caught!! Such fun they have!!
Love and miss you!!