Sunday, March 25, 2012

So Sad and some photos

Okay first and for most.  As you can see we have lost our pictures on the blog. :( We had to get a new email address and when we were switching all the info, we did not click a hidden box that also would switch our blog pictures to the new account.  So we have  not more pictures unless I got and re-post all of them.  :( Not sure what I am going to do. 
But what I will do is to put up more pictures!!! So here are some pictures of the things we have been doing of late!!!

Fish that Jimmy P caught at the Sparks Marina!

Yes that is right we got out the Lego's!!!

No time to smile at the camera I need to play

I can't hear you!!!!

SHHH it is quite time!!!

Do little dance

Monday, March 5, 2012

Crafts and snow

It finally happened the snow came!!! We finally had the first good snowfall of year and then a few days later had another one.  The boys loved playing in it!!

Who does not love to eat snow...and as Jimmy say as long as it it is still white!!

Of course what would snow be with out a snow man!!!!

 I started to make height charts for the kids.  Just something that we could always move and have with us.  It is really easy and pretty fun too!
This one is for my niece Ellery

This one is for my soon to be new niece Lexi!!

This is Michael's

And this one is Jimmy's.  I did his first, so  I have made changes to the other ones.
Poor Jimmy because his is the worst!

Ah to end on a Mike!!!