Monday, November 28, 2011

Fishing, And Candy Shope

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend, with a great dinner and family.  We also went fishing over the holiday and Jimmy P caught about 9 fish!!! And yes we kept one to bring home and eat.

I think this was fish number 3 or 4 but I can't remember!

Look at how cute Mikey is when he is all snuggled up!

Jimmy collecting sticks

yes we fish with our tongue out

This was the fish we brought home!

This is Jimmy at the candy shop getting ready to dip his cookie and pretzel into the chocolate

An action shot of the dipping!

And of course Mikey with a smile!

This our Christmas Tree, and that is right we cut it down our self!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Time!

Christmas Time is here.
Here is the O'Brien List

You know the drill
No whining, no switching.

Big Steve AKA Dad has Bonnie
Lori AKA Mom has Stevie
Stevie has Joey
Kathy has Tommy
Joey has Big Steve AKA Dad
Lauren has Kathy
Jim has Timmy
Jessi has Lori AKA Mom
Timmy has Lauren
Bonnie has Jim
Tommy has Jessi

Mikey with Moose Hat!!!

This is Michael's new hat for the winter! SO Cute!!!!!!!! I love it, and the best part is that he keeps it on!!!

Mikey sleeping so cute!!!

Me and my boys!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Our 2011 Halloween!! Michael was a clown and Jimmy P is Captain America!  They had so much fun going trick or treating and handing out candy. 
Outside all decorated!!

My hero! Captain America

This is Jimmy P's pumpkin that he carved all by himself!!

Ah My little men!!!

Oh Yes and I was a witch :)
We had so much fun.  Michael is wearing the same costume that I wore and so did all of my sisters, and brother.  Too bad I did not find it till this year or we could have had a picture of Jimmy in it too! oh well.  By the way my mom made the clown costume and I made Jimmy's Captain America costume.  Jimmy got a lot high five through out the night!