Monday, June 6, 2011

Not the POX

Okay So I guess I should have gone to nursing school, or became a doctor. Michael does not have chicken pox. So if not that, then you might be wondering what is it? It sure looked like it at first, but then I noticed that there were no big blister forming and nothing was popping, or scabing. Then to top it off the places that he did have them they were turning purple. So weird. I decied to give the docotr a call today, and they said to bring him in. Turns out Michael was having a reaction to the amoxicilin that he was takeing for a cough/sinus infection. He is not allregic to penicilin and all that type of drugs! I guess it is a pretty bad type of reaction, he is getting a type of hives, called target lesions, that happen to about 5% of kids. Crazy!

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