Friday, May 20, 2011

One year old stats and a broken arm

Michael is one tiny little boy! Well I guess not to tiny, but he is so cute that is does not matter. He is 29 in long putting him the 50% but only 20 lbs 11 oz putting him way down in the 20%. He also has a 19 in head which puts him off the charts! My boys and their heads!!! We have also found out the Michael is having some trouble getting his poop to come out. He has been put on a laxative and hopefully it will allow the true problem to get better. He is now walking, all over! he never crawls, but tries to claim up on everything. He loves to talk on the phone and play with all of Jimmy P's toys. Unless he is in the kitchen taking everything out of the cabinets. He is no longer nursing, but is drinking milk and juice and eating table food. He loves any kind of berry. We also got a bunny. He is a little black one, and Jimmy P named him Jake. The boys love him and have fun petting him and chasing him around.

On to Jimmy P, who as I said broke his left arm. How or when you may ask, but I have no idea! I can not believe it, he never even complained about it. It never got swollen or bruised. On Tue night right before bed we noticed that he was not using his left arm, being left handed it was a cause of concern. We asked him to use it and he said it was not working. :( W#E then tried to touch it and get him to squeeze but he would just laugh. Odd I know. So I took him over to urgent care right before they closed and sure enough it was broken. Yes not fractured but actually broken. We then took him on wed to an ortho and they put a cast on. So now my little 3 year old has a blue and green cast on. :( He is dealing with it all like a champ.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess Who Is One!

Here he is the big one year old!!!

As you can see we had a lot fun. Mike is now one years old and goes to his check up tomorrow. He is now walking all over the place, and getting into everything. He is a very happy baby. This weekend we went fishing and checked out some areas in the mountains. We also had a small party for him with family. He got some really nice toys and had a fun time.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Laugh that Keeps going

Here is a laugh that keeps going. When ever a smile is needed to your face just watch this!!