Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fishing, and State Park days

As you can see this last weekend was a ton of fun in the sun!!! Jimmy got play on the "beach" ( a little sand area on the river bank) and had so much fun, that he did not even mind that he was wearing wet clothes. Just to let know that is a super huge deal because he is always taking his clothes off even if he gets his shirt wet after washing his hands!!! Of course we had a little fishing, can you see all the green!!! Everything is in full bloom here it is very pretty. Except the fact that there is a green dusting of pollen everywhere, on your car, on the ground, then it gets on you!! Oh well. And yes my belly is still getting bigger, but we have a c-section date now, of May 14th!! So one more month!!!
And yes it is Jimmy P who puts his hats on backwards.. I think it is so he can still see. By the way the hats are Jim's... yes that is how big Jimmy P's head is.. adult size


momma said...

What a big boy:o)

momma said...
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