Monday, April 5, 2010






So I know I am doing 2 blogs today but it has been too long and I had too many cute pictures!! These ones are over eAster and the day before, at the easter egg hunt by our house. Jimmy as you can see did really well for having to go up against other moms and dads!!! But in the end he had a blast and did really well also. He also got a chance to ride the ponies!!! he loved it!! I think we might have some kind of cowboy in the making!! The one picture is the best/only picture that you can see my belly so now you all know how big I am!!! And the last few pictures are of Easter morning. I hope everyone had a great Easter.
Happy Easter
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momma said...

Looks like you all had a great time... And yes Michael is getting big too... Not you sweetheart!! LOL
Happy Easter. Love you all!!

Jenna said...

You look great Jessi!!! Are you registered anywhere?

Tom said...

look at the close up on p and jessi. check jessi out trying to exploit the poor kids big head for some shade.