Friday, April 30, 2010

I am An Aunt!!

As of today I am now an aunt!! Tara had her little girl Ellery Lynn today! She had her by c-section this morning. Both mom and baby are doing great. Ellery was 6lb 14 oz and 19 in long.
I do wish I could be there to help Tara!!!
I'll put up a picture of the beautiful girl soon!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fishing, and State Park days

As you can see this last weekend was a ton of fun in the sun!!! Jimmy got play on the "beach" ( a little sand area on the river bank) and had so much fun, that he did not even mind that he was wearing wet clothes. Just to let know that is a super huge deal because he is always taking his clothes off even if he gets his shirt wet after washing his hands!!! Of course we had a little fishing, can you see all the green!!! Everything is in full bloom here it is very pretty. Except the fact that there is a green dusting of pollen everywhere, on your car, on the ground, then it gets on you!! Oh well. And yes my belly is still getting bigger, but we have a c-section date now, of May 14th!! So one more month!!!
And yes it is Jimmy P who puts his hats on backwards.. I think it is so he can still see. By the way the hats are Jim's... yes that is how big Jimmy P's head is.. adult size

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is a correction to an earlier post. The picture of JImmy catching the fish is the first fish this season caught with a picture. HE HAS CAUGHT A NUMBER OF FISH BY HIMSELF EVEN THIS YEAR, BUT WE JUST NOW HAD THE CAMARE. I hope this clears up any confussion.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning




Some how these ones of Easter morning did not get on the last entry so here they are.
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So I know I am doing 2 blogs today but it has been too long and I had too many cute pictures!! These ones are over eAster and the day before, at the easter egg hunt by our house. Jimmy as you can see did really well for having to go up against other moms and dads!!! But in the end he had a blast and did really well also. He also got a chance to ride the ponies!!! he loved it!! I think we might have some kind of cowboy in the making!! The one picture is the best/only picture that you can see my belly so now you all know how big I am!!! And the last few pictures are of Easter morning. I hope everyone had a great Easter.
Happy Easter
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Catching Fish




Well here it is the first picture of JImmy P catching his own fish by himself!!! He actually did better then both Jim and myself. He caught the "big one". This is a little creek about 2 minutes from the house. He has already had so much fun catching fish. We are thrying to limit the number of times we go out because we don't want him to get sick of it, but I am wondering if that is even possible! He asks to go fishing everyday at least twice!!! I guess he is a true O'Brien!
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