Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long time





Yes it has been a long time and yes a lot of things have happened. First, my Mom came to visit!!! It was a blast and we all had so much fun. We went to D.C. and showed her the sites and had fun hanging out here. She had to leave a few days later becuase we had a snow storm come.. I know it was such a bummer :) I loved having her here the extra few days!!
But the Snow that has been the main the thing happening to us, as I am sure you have read about or seen on the news! Snow, snow and more snow, I would say we have 3 to 4 feet in our yard right now, at least.
We also had some more vistors, Darren and Katie came to see us and stay for a few days! We had a lot of fun with them here also, they were also here for a big snow storm. As you can see in the pictures Jim and Darren sure had a lot of fun in it!! As did Jimmy P
And yes I am now 26 weeks and getting very big, maybe next time I'll take a picture of the belly to show you all!! hehe
I hope everyone else is doing well and getting along, but mostly staying warm!!!!
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