Wednesday, December 23, 2009





Well here is the coolest snowman in Southern Maryland or at least I sure think so!!
We built this snowman across the street from our house,a nd as of now it is still standing we will see how much longer that be true. It is nice to know that we having something to do with all that snow!!!
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Monday, December 21, 2009

more snow pics

Biggest Snow Storm dec.

Something I have learned, they must not get too much snow here. We had a snow storm over this last weekend and got about 18 inches. It was really cool, and it all but shut down the DC area. I guess they don't get very large storms here. But it is really cool to look around and see everyhting with snow on it. Jimmy P is loving it, he is out and playing in the snow all the time!! He is having a blast, they only thing is that we only have a pink snow bibs... hehe and he also lost his bennie at Christmas town, so he is wearing one of mine, I am not sure what is sadder they fact helooks like a little girl or the fact that his head fits into an adult bennie!

Christmas Town and decorations





We went to Christmas town on the 18th! It is in Williamsburg VA and it was so much fun. A little cold, but a lot of fun. We saw Elmo, Santa, pengiuns, and horses, we also rode a train. Jimmy P had so much fun!!! and so did we!!
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