Monday, August 10, 2009

Last post

As I am sure you can tell, Jim is the one who posted last. No words or tittles just pictures of deer and fish... that is Jim :) But for who would like to know, Jim caught a huge bass 7 lbs 6 oz bigger then most newborns, it was huge, and also as you can tell I had a hard time hold that big guy up, he was heavy!! Jimmy P also caught a huge blue gill, it almost looks like a crappie but it is a blue fine, we had a fun day. And what would it be, if we had not on our way home seen about 50 deer in the fields!!
So now I have updated those pictures!

Monday, August 3, 2009

potty trained, fishing, and airports

Wow we have been busy, for those who do not know, Jimmy P is potty trained!!! yea!!!!!! It was surprisingly easy with him, I guess that means next kid will be hard. Oh well I'll take the good luck now! We also went on a trip back to Ca for Jim's brothers wedding. It was a great trip. And Jimmy P did a great job, for it being his first potty trained trip in a plane no less. He was a champ with the long flights and layovers. I must say the best invention ever is the portable dvd players, what a lifesaver that was. :) And of course we have been fishing, and Jimmy P loves it still. We have to spell out the word otherwise he goes crazy, and ask us to go every 2 seconds. Besides that we got a new car this weekend a 09 Honda civic. It is a nice car, I am very happy because now we have two cars, which means more play time for me and Jimmy P!! :)