Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi from Maryland

Well we finaly got here, okay well we have been here for a while I just have been busy, but don't worry I am going to start writting again. I drive took us 6 days, it was long, but it was also cool to see so many new states. My favorite state was Kentucky. I really liked it there, maybe only becuase of the horses. Ha ha. I can now say that have been to 17 states, not bad. before it was 6. (not including airport stops) But I must say that I like here. Our house is really nice, and we have some nice neioborghs. We have been trying out crabbing, but much to Jims disapointment we have only caught 3 crabs, but I think we will get the hang of it soon. We have a park that is really close only about a five minute walk, and the libray is also there. Today I am taking Jimmy to story time for toddlers at the liabary. Okay the pictures are of parts of the house, I will put more up later.
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