Friday, May 8, 2009


So for all of you who don't know, which may not be too many, we are moving. We will be moving to Maryland. Jim has been asked to "transfer" out there! I am really excited, being how I have only lived in PQ and in R/C. But it will be sad to leave our families. :( This will be an adventure. It is for about 2 years or so ( maybe a little less). Jim will be growing and working in DC and a base called PAX. Jimmy P will be able to go to some of the best ped orthos in the world for his legs. So that is a big plus. So Jill I am not sure how far Pitts is, but we will most definitely need to see each other!!! :) You are the only person even close that I will know. Stef you are the next closest at what did we decide 10 hrs?? We are now looking for houses back there, Jim is back there now, comes home tonight but then we all will go out there in about 2 weeks and hopefully sign our lease then! :) Maybe if we go back there Jim will have to travel less, since that is where he goes the most. Oh and by the way in case you did not hear my son counts to 10... at 20 months....:) Such a big boy!!!