Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Santas and a superman

So we went on base to see santa, thoes would be the last two pictures, and although he did not appear to be having fun, there was no crying or yelling, and I thought wow, not bad for 15 months. But then we went to see Santa at the mall with my family in San Diego and boy did we havea different outcome. As you can see he picthed a FIT!!! He did not want to sit with Santa. Now I ask you what is it about Santa that makes kids cry?? I mean Jimmy P is a pretty friendly kid and would not usually act like that with an other adult. But give a kid Santa and they will have no part of it.
The last pictures are of our Superman. Isn't he cute with his flying cape???
Okay so I had to put the images back on and they went in backwards...sorry

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loralee said...

i took the crying pictures!!! woo go me. cant wait to see you guys for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!