Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas morning was so much fun!!! Jimmy P got a new trike!! He is still a little too small, But I know that he will be able to ride it in no time!!! We had so much fun opening our presants and watching Jimmy P open his. Of course it took him a long time to finsh his stocking and then we took a break to have some food and he had to go down for a nap because he was so tired!! So in all I think it too him over 2 days to get all of his presants open! But he sure had a good time.
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and will have a safe New Year!!

Love The O'Briens xoxo

Christmas Eve

First picture is after church at my sister Tara's House, it was there that we opened up our Christmas Eve PJ's that we get, so the second picture is Jimmy P in his PJ's (well in one pair, he got two which you will see the other one later). We had a ton of fun at Tara's. We had my uncles great shrimp and other yummy food, then headed back to my parent's house to finsh some last minute wrapping.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


We had snow in the desert!! Okay well I guess it was really like most people's snow, but for us, I'd say it was pretty cool. This was on Wed night we had a little bit of a dusting of snow. None of it stuck to the ground but it did stick to our jackets and hair... so for us that counts as snow!!!

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Cookie Exchange and Decorating Party

On Wed the 17th we had a cookie exchange and decorating party at our house for some of our friends. It went very well and I think everyone had a good time. The kids cookies came out very cute even if some may have gone a little over board on the frosting and sprinkles. :) And of course the mom's cookies came out very good also!! It was a lot of fun, and i loved having a house full!! I love this time of year!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Santas and a superman

So we went on base to see santa, thoes would be the last two pictures, and although he did not appear to be having fun, there was no crying or yelling, and I thought wow, not bad for 15 months. But then we went to see Santa at the mall with my family in San Diego and boy did we havea different outcome. As you can see he picthed a FIT!!! He did not want to sit with Santa. Now I ask you what is it about Santa that makes kids cry?? I mean Jimmy P is a pretty friendly kid and would not usually act like that with an other adult. But give a kid Santa and they will have no part of it.
The last pictures are of our Superman. Isn't he cute with his flying cape???
Okay so I had to put the images back on and they went in backwards...sorry


We officaly have a climber on our hands!!! He will not stop climbing into, on top of, or behind everythings!! he now has started to move a chair around the kitchen to get to the counter top and get what he wants. I thought that did not start till about 3!! What is going on!!!! one more post to come today!!!!

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