Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's been a long time

Hi everyone, i know it has been a very long time.... so here are a few pictures taken....
As most of you know Jimmy, has been seen by a specialist in San Diego. We went to Children's the first weekend in October because of his bowed-legs. The doctor said that his legs are bowed. And gave us a brace. This brace has two shoes that are connected to a metal bar. The shoes are put at a 45 degree angle and he has to sleep in them at night. We call them his night shoes! So far it has not been too hard, we defiantly have a few late nights and few times getting up in the middle of the night. But he has done a really good job, the biggest problem is that he seems to get one foot out most nights. So far we have not seen a difference but we are keeping a eye on it. Beside all of that Jimmy is doing great, he is healthy and active. He loves that park and hanging out with his friends. He seems to like to hang out with older kids. And is always on his horse that Grandma got him, or the turtle that Aunt Tara and Uncle Nate got him. Actually that turtle comes with a little storage that we find all sorts of things in there.

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