Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi everyone!!
Well it has been a long time since anyone has gotten a good update on what is going on. So with Jimmy P's birthday right around the corner here is what we are up to! :)
Jimmy Turns 1!!!!! on the 19th, Also our two year anniversary. We are so excited! Jim is at this moment flying from Boston, where he has been since Monday, to Australia. Where he will be there till next Saturday. This is the longest he has been way since we have been married. But with the baby and great friends and family it is already going by super fast.
Jimmy is about 23 pounds and 30ish inch. tall he is in 18-2t clothes, and well don't even get me started on the crazy large head! We spend a lot of our days out at the pool, where he is becoming quite a fish. He loves the water and is starting to blow bubbles and sticks is face in the water by himself! don't worry we have been putting on the sunscreen.... that would be the hardest part. We have been going mostly with our friends Jen and Andrew who have a son named Andrew that is about 20 months. and there son is a true Fish!!! he loves jumping in the water and is now holding on the to sides of pool!! Last Sunday Jen and I went saw Wicked in LA as the husbands watch the children. It was awesome, we both had so much fun it was blast. The Musical was awesome, and so funny.
Hanging out with Andrew has really helped Jimmy advance in talking and pointing.... Thanks guys!!! :)
As soon and Jim gets back he gets 3 days rest and then we are off as a family to Washington, DC
Yes I know we have been there but we did not get to see all the sites that we wanted, and although we are still going because Jim has to work, we are also staying longer so that we can visit and see the sights that we did not see last time. I am excited to go back and just enjoying the times to fly.. hopefully Jimmy will be as good as he was the first time.

Well I hope everyone is doing good! we miss you all and love you tons!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday Presents

This is one happy little man opening is huge present!!! Grandma and Grandpa got it for him and he loves it.... He even knows how to rock on it....well a least a little bit!!! :)

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild Animal Park

We went to the Wild Animal Park on July 22nd. We went with our friends Jenn and Andrew, and we all had a blast! It was a little warm but not nearly as warm as it can get there. Jimmy loved the petting zoo although he mostly just wanted the animals to sit there and not look at him. But the funnest he had was most likely in the playground area. He had a blast running around and go in and out of this little cave. Oh and he got to drive the car!!! The little man loves to drive! So when he got into a car that was his size, he just loved it!! He kept on sterring the wheel and pushing all the buttons. It was awsome!