Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lets start this

Well I thought this might be cool, so I am going to try it out, and see if you like it!!!

First and for most, after having 110 deg. temps earlier this week, to having a crazy crazy wind storm, to this moring where it is super cloudy!!! What is up with this.

here are some picture of the storm

It was crazy outside, we did not go on our walk because of it.

I have never seen so much dust in the air for so long!!!

Dont worry I will not post a picture of the cuteist little man every

here he is!!!
He is starting to get cranky right now... I will take more pictures today and I think i can even upload videos to this. So I have a few I will put on and take some more.
This should be fun!!!!


momma said...

That little man doewn't look to happy :o)
can't wait to see you all tomorrow.
Love ya

Jill said...

Cute Blog Jessi!! Can't wait to see all the pictures!!