Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting stuck AGAIN!!!

This is what happens when Jimmy tries to go through spaces that are a little too small. He is always trying to go the hard ways. He is very funny to get into these situations!!!!

He just went down for his nap, and let me tell you I think it might be a long a one!!!

My mom was just down for the holiday weekend, and we had a great time!!
I loved making the cookies!!! We made sugar cookies and covered them with fondant. It was so much fun, it was my first time making and using fondant. It was blast!!!!
Except for some reason I am not very good at the baking part of the sugar cookies... I just don't understand what is my problem with baking cookies!!! oh well, I just need practice!!!
We also went out yesterday (Jim, Jimmy, and me) to Indian Wells Valley and drove up into the valley a little bit and then took the baby out, put him in a little backpack carrier and went for a walk, and of course my husband wanted to get a jack rabbit so he took a gun, but we did not see anything. :( It was also a chance to see if any birds were up there and we saw none. too bad. But it is a little tiring to walk with the extra 22ish pounds!!!!
I hope everyone a great Memorial day weekend

Into the box

Here is what happend when Jimmy found a box to get into. Hehe he started to climb into it, and then he found out that he was too big.

But as you can see that did not stop him from litterly falling right in to it. He keept on trying to get himself all the way in. I think that at this point he wondering what he got
hmslef into.
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Thursday, May 22, 2008


What were they thinking about???
these are 2 very silly Jimmys. And they take silly pictures.
We all just went on our walk and got a little lost in the neighborhood!!! but it was a nice walk anyways. Getting excited because my mom is coming tomorrow which means that I need to clean everything up!!! hehe :) I got to get going now.. it is getting late!!!
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look at our crazy weather!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea that is Hail.. yes it is little small but it is actually hail!!!
okay we are walking...... well sorta

Lets start this

Well I thought this might be cool, so I am going to try it out, and see if you like it!!!

First and for most, after having 110 deg. temps earlier this week, to having a crazy crazy wind storm, to this moring where it is super cloudy!!! What is up with this.

here are some picture of the storm

It was crazy outside, we did not go on our walk because of it.

I have never seen so much dust in the air for so long!!!

Dont worry I will not post a picture of the cuteist little man every

here he is!!!
He is starting to get cranky right now... I will take more pictures today and I think i can even upload videos to this. So I have a few I will put on and take some more.
This should be fun!!!!