Friday, May 15, 2015

Michael is 5!!!

Michael is now 5!! For his birthday we went to the Zoo. The kids had fun, they always love the zoo and every time it seems like we find something new. 

He had a party with us and a few little presents. He got a helmet, little Lego box, and a Thor action figure. He had an R2D2 cake although after all the modifications Michael made it did not really look like it any more.

Kailey is now sitting in the bumbo

And of course Keira loves to stroller her baby, but I guess Iron Man needed to go too.9

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Music Farm and First Confession

The boys did Music Farm this year. Music Farm is when we go to moms house with  a whole bunch of kids and they learn songs and then after a few weeks we had a party. With pony rides and chickens and the whole shebang.

Keira got on and rode Tinkerbell the pony and then begged me to take her again. Of course the second time she cried and cried and was scared to death till I took her off. But that has not stopped her from asking for more pony rides every day.
Michael also had a blast riding the pony and the lady even jogged so they got into a trot.
Here are the kids in between some of songs. Yes that's Michael singing his heart out! 
Jimmy did not get to are end the party and potluck because he was becoming kid and went to his First Confession. Ahh this made me cry more then the first day of school.

And yes that is Michael riding with no training wheels!! Way to go Mike!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Padres Game

Last week we all went to the Padres game. We got some nice tickets in right field, at a perfect home run spot. We got there before the game even started and left in the 6th inning. Over all it was a really fun time. 

Michael had a little stomache. 

Life of baseball and the sun

We have been having fun going to the ball park usually 4 times during the weekdays an then for about 4 hours every Saturday. Which leads to lots of time for the girls and everyone else to fun new ways to play. Keira discovered the baseball chalk
What a joy!

Michael has enjoyed a new game that envolves putting buckets on his head. He is not the only one.
Michaels team doing push ups

Keira at the birthday tea party that my mom put on for her granddaughters.
And not by least Kailey photos

The other day we walked to Panera during the day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Keira

Keira had her second birthday on Friday. Now  she is a big two year old! We had cake and presents. The boys made her fruit loop necklaces and cards. But I think her favorite one was another Cinderella dress. And yes it is cute!
She was a little overwhelmed with all the attention. 
 Opening presents 
And of course we had to start the days of right with a waffle cake...
Over wall it was a fun day!!
And Keira and Kailey went to the doctor for their check ups. Keira is deathly afraid of the doctors. And has to sit in my lap as she cries the whole time. It all started last year when she had to get some blood tests done. And ever since she has cried. She did not even get any shots! 
Keira weighed 26 lbs (42%) and is 34 inches (64%).
Kailey is still spitting up although the throwing up has gotten better. But it is not effecting her growth. She weighs 13 lbs (81%) and is 23 inches (66%) and of course the head is in the 90%.
She loves to smile

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eyes, Hiedi, and others

The many eyes if the O'Brien clan. Jim says that his and my eyes look old!! It's crazy to think of our age and how old we will be in 10 years. Me... Almost 30 now and in 10 years as Jimmy is 17 almost 18 I will be 40, it's amazing.

Jimmy says hands up. This photo is most because I never seem to have any of him anymore.

So Jim thinks Keira should have been named Hiedi after Sherliy Temple's movie. What do you think??
And little Kailey who turned 2 months and is not so little! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lots of photos

So because I did not update for what... About 5 months... Yikes here are some more photos of pre Kailey 
First as most of you know Michael was in the hospital right before Christmas. He had viral meningitis, here are some photos of him loving all the toys that he got from Children's.
Of course everything was ok, and what a blessing that it happened before Kailey was born. 
Some photos of my nieces and the kids

Here are some photos of some SD fishing 
Here are some co-op photos. Michael and Keira in class and Jimmy during the sience fair.
And here is Kailey when she was born, at one month and at two months (which is today!!)

Some more fun ones